Data Science has many branches of specialisation but among the popular ones, the major branches which can be clearly defined are Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Yet, these branches are often mixed with one another so I thought of clarifying some of the thin differences between these topics.

Data Analytics is making sense of the data. In one sentence, describing the data and deriving predictions and conclusions from them to take better business decisions. Data analysis describes the current condition for an organization by translating data into information understandable to the business officials. …

Ever since, Data Science has been classified as the most popular and demanding job in the future, many aspirants across the globe have harboured hopes to get a bite of this big apple. Many scanned through pages to understand where to begin while many dropped the idea due to misconceptions about data science. Hence, I am here to bring the facts into a bigger picture and break the notions we all have had at some point.

Notion 1: “Data Science is a complex field, not beginner friendly”

Let’s start by searching this term ‘Data Science’ online. Let’s go with the…

Ananya Gupta

Aspiring Data Scientist

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